Split Air Conditioner Unit

it is very important to know what is split AC

First we tell you about the PTAC system.PTAC systems are also known as split air conditioning Which is mounted on the wall.It is most used in homes, hotels, offices, Restorentes, cinemas,shops etc.

There are two separate units of split ac:-

1-Evaporator unit

2-Condensing unit

Blower fan,cooling coil,pannel circuit board cleaning filters are all Main part of Evaporator Unit.

compressor,condensing coil,outdor fan,circuit realay and copper tubes are all Main part of condenser unit. 


Specification of split ac with unitech services

Split Air Conditioning System is a special type of Air conditions which comprised of two separate components which is connected by a conduit that contains electric wiring, refrigerant lines and condensate tubing. These two separate components are called compressor and indoor evaporator or fan unit.  As these two components are separated sometimes it is always preferred to install these Split Air conditioning systems by any expert and Unitech Services has all type of expertise in installation of these type of Split ACs at very affordable cost.

The evaporator unit has to be placed in that room which has to be air conditioned. During installation or purchasing of Split Air Conditioner you can either opt for ceiling or wall mounted ACs.  The outdoor unit which consist compressor can be placed anywhere but it should be at least 50 feet from the evaporator. the ground.

The new type of Split Air Conditioner has extra facility of providing pure, germ free and allergen free air.  These type of Air conditioner comes with hi tech filters that block dust, mould, bacteria, viruses and other allergy causing agents.

Whether it could be the work of installation of Split Ac or annual maintenance contract of the same we at Unitech services gives you best price as per industry.


Our Performance

 As you know, we have created a special team for all type of air conditioners.We are constantly trying to improve our service for best customership.Unitech Services has serviced  46,000 thousend split air-conditioners also in dwarka and it is a good experience for us.


1-Unitech is fully aware with the environment Dwarka.

2-Unitech Services has serviced  46,000 thousend split air-conditioners in dwarka.

3-Our engineers are better understand all the flaws and attributes of split air conditioners.

4-Our engineers have best techniques and modern tools which are helpful to work better and save time.

5-At unitech,all the engineers and technician are trained by IIT and ITI so they are able to service repair and fix the all kind of defect of your AC.