Window Air Conditioner unit

It is very important to know what is the window AC ?

Window AC is like a outher home applinces which use to cool the room in summer is very economical for residencial use.we can install it only in room window.window AC work on four main parts :-evaporator,compressor,fan, window Air conditioner,compressor and condenssor located in outside.evaporator work on inside in the window AC.It also has a fan motor which works in the center of AC.It has a fan motor, which operates two sides,evaporator side and condensor side.


Window air conditioner features:- 

1- It can be easily mounted in the window of your home, where you want.

2- Window AC can be easily repaired.

3- Window AC is a small cooling system, which can be easily maintained.

4- Window AC commonly used for residencial rooms and small offices.

5- Window AC always use for small place and it is cheap than outher Air conditioning system.

6- Window AC is a single case assembled unit,which can be easily mounted in small space.

7- Window Air Conditioners are usually formed at 1.5 and 2 tons capacity.

8- Window air conditioner  is best AC for use in homes and small offices.


Parts of the window Air conditioner unit :-


2.Fan motor


4.Copper tubes






Now we are going to show you some pictures of Window Air Conditioner diagram.

  ac repair in dwarka ac repir in dwarka


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