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An air conditioner or AC has become a necessity in today's lives. The summers seem unbearable without it. Everyone prefers to be at home sitting at home chilling in AC's cool air. Not even the houses but the working places too have got AC's installed to protect them from scorching heat. But AC is a complex appliance having some complex parts that require regular maintenance and many times you need to call the experts to get it fixed. Here are some of the problems your AC might face: The annoying smell coming from AC- The annoying smell coming from AC might be due to leaking fluids, some part broken or short-circuit. AC Taking a long time to deliver the desired temperature- The absence of refrigerant may affect the cooling speed of AC as it does the task of removing indoor heat. So if your device is taking a long time to deliver the desired temperature, you need a technician expert. Consuming excessive electricity- AC is known to increase the electricity bill for some reason, it can be responsible for high power consumption still. It requires checking the refrigerant charge. No cooling at all- Sometimes refrigerant level in AC becomes too low that it stops cooling. This is when you need an expert technician. Whatever the problem is we at Unitech services offering AC repair services at Dwarka and nearby areas come to the rescue. Our expert technicians are well trained to handle any type of AC issues proficiently irrespective of brand. To maintain our quality services, we always use 100% genuine parts that make the life of the product longer. Besides this, we also deal with the installation of services. As our expert technicians at AC service in Dwarka are well-trained so the trust factor of providing the best services is maintained. Talking about the charges, we are one of the most affordable AC repair and installations service providers. We also provide AC repair in Uttam Nagar and AC service in Uttam Nagar. So if your AC bothering you? Any cooling problem with your AC? Looking for an expert technician to get your AC installed? If you are any of these issues, Unitech services ha the solution to your problem.